The Work:

In the words of the artist:

“These lines come out of the wanderings of my soul. Searching in places of forgotten memories and a false reality. Every line is like a new beginning and end, through which I have lived a thousand lives still in search of what I can’t find; contentment.

My work, much like life, as complex as it may seem, is in reality so simple. It looks and feels limitless yet it’s limited to what I, the artist, want it to go. Only difference is, the work can live the life given to it by others. By others who question and ponder.

I see myself in this light and question how is it that I have been given a life, yet choose to live another. One after the other I try to fit. Like these lines I tried to be so different individually but couldn't fit and move as a whole.

These lines, although having the intent of being therapeutic, are in reality just thoughts. They’re moments put on to a canvas. You just have to read in between the lines to see them.”

Therapy Collection:

“Through Time, research and personal experiences, my work has evolved to become much more than just art. In an attempt to address the mental health issue of, not only America, but the majority of the world, I have used my work to create a therapeutic method of my own. This I call TAPE THERAPY, which is apart of a larger collection titled the “Therapy Collection”. This seeks the same results as most methods just through a different approach, including sight, touch and physical interactions."

The word "TAPE":

“Tape” is not subject to one definition, rather it is a symbolic word in which most artists can use to relate to one another. The reason being, most artists use tape as one of the foregrounds of their work, it is both a start and end point which allows full control of one's work.

“TAPE” or “The Masking Tape”, in its original definition, refers to the idea of bondage and/ or togetherness in both the literal and metaphoric way. It’s understanding that the work created by the artist goes beyond the canvas, it goes beyond the brush and becomes more than what the artist intended for it. Through this idea of bondage it is understood that the pieces that are made will seek to help someone else in a positive way, through an unspoken connection between the work and the viewer.