Amdane Sanda is a West African, Benin born, Togolies affiliated Muslim based in Charlottesville, Virginia. This aspiring artist, who was first convinced he had found his calling in the world of the culinary arts, now seeks to redefine and recreate ideas of the world around him through his work, especially in connection to mental health. The well astablished local artist is taking his work to new feilds in his attempt to combine the science of emotion with art in order to bring change to the mental health crisis. 



“Emotional responses are often regarded as the keystone to experiencing art, and the creation of an emotional experience has been argued as the purpose of artistic expression.” My work explores various ways, through multiple mediums, how to enable those emotional responses to give the viewer a new feeling of understanding, closure and hopefully peace, however they may define those. My mission to create these experiences is in effort to redirect the narrative of mental health in hopes to not only shine a light on its rapid increase, but also create a method through which I can help individuals communicate and have control over their emotions and/ or mental health. 


Throughout many stages of my work, poetry also plays a key role in providing this experience, the poetry gives a concrete understanding of the piece's aesthetic build of colors, patterns and movements of lines. Separately the visual and literal aspects distinctly form their own meaning, but together create a partnership that sheds light on each other.